Fall, 2003

Psychology 396: Advanced General Psychology

Dr. Faye Steuer Office: 55 Coming St. (just inside 1st door on porch)

Phone: 953-8196 (o); 884-7766 (h) Email: steuerf@cofc.edu

(If calling me at home, please call before 9:00 PM.)

Required Reading Materials

Packet of materials from SAS-E Ink (79 Wentworth St., across from Andolini's Pizza)

Structure and Content of the Course

This class will be divided into two segments.

In the first (and longer) segment, we will be reading classic articles--some older, some newer-- from several of the subdisciplines of psychology. (The subdisciplines covered appear in the course schedule later in this syllabus.) As we read the articles, I expect that you will refresh your memory and extend your knowledge of the areas we cover. Articles will run the gamut from short to lengthy and from simple to very complex. It will be essential to stay up to date in your reading assignments. We will have a short test on the reading assignment for the day at the beginning of each class period. These tests--in addition to other data described below--will form the basis for your grade in the course. After the test, we will discuss the articles and then, on most days, I will attempt to provide you with background information that will help you place the assignment for the next class in perspective.

During the second segment of the course (the last two and a half weeks of the semester), students will work together to make oral reports to the class. During this segment, you will have some choice in the topic you choose to pursue. I will be telling you more about this part of the course in a few weeks.

The final exam will be a take-home test that will give you an opportunity to rethink all the material we have covered in the course and to write about it. A specific assignment for the final will be given toward the end of the semester. As it will cover both readings and information given in class, you should take notes during lectures and during student reports.


The prerequisites for this course are Psychology 103 (Introductory Psychology) and at least 15 additional hours in psychology.


Your grade in this course will be based on the following information:

the points you earn on your top 20 of the 22 daily 10-point tests,

the points you earn out of a possible 20 for your class presentation, and

the points you earn out of a possible 30 on your final exam


Your final grade will be based on the total number of points you accumulate, as follows:

234 - 250 = A

217 - 233 = B+

200 - 216 = B

183 - 199 = C+

166 - 182 = C

149 - 165 = D

0 - 148 = F


I expect you to attend every class, to participate in discussions, and to take notes during lectures and reports. Leaving class early will result in the loss of one point from your point total.

A Word About Reading

A defining--and liberating--characteristic of an educated person is the ability to acquire new knowledge independently. Most often this is accomplished through reading. For this reason, I stress reading independently in all the classes I teach. The reading load in this course will be particularly demanding because it is composed of primary source material.

Although this is an advanced course, there may be people in the class who feel they are not skilled readers--at least not as skilled as they want to be. If you should be one of these people, please don't suffer in silence. Talk with me about it. The sooner the better. I have some suggestions that may help.

Office Hours

Mon. & Wed., 2 - 3 PM; Tues. & Thurs., 10:50 - 11:50 AM; or by appointment.



Day/Date Assignment (Test)

Tues., Aug. 26 ---

History of Psychology

Thur., Aug. 28 Dittmann (pp. 1-2), Darwin (pp. 6-11), Wundt (pp. 12-28)

Tues., Sept. 2 James (pp. 29-45), Watson (pp. 46-48)


Thur., Sept. 4 Cohen (pp. 49-55), Shrout (p. 56)


Tues., Sept. 9 Watson & Rayner (pp. 57-70), Skinner (pp. 71-78)

Thur., Sept. 11 Skinner (pp. 78-88), Skinner (pp. 89-93)

Tues., Sept. 16 DeCasper & Spence (pp. 94-103), Tryon (pp. 104-108)

Biological Bases

Thur., Sept. 18 Rosenzweig, Bennett, & Diamond (pp. 109-116)

Tues., Sept. 23 Hubel & Wiesel (pp. 117-129)

Sensation and Perception

Thur., Sept. 25 Neisser (pp. 130-137)

Tues., Sept. 30 Cherry (pp. 138-142), Fantz (pp. 143-149)


Thur., Oct. 2 Piaget (pp. 150-153)

Tues., Oct. 7 Kendler & Kendler (pp. 154-168)

(last day to withdraw w/ "w")


Thur., Oct. 9 Atkinson & Shiffrin (pp. 169-177)

Tues., Oct. 14 Loftus (pp. 178-197)

Schedule - continued:


Day/Date Assignment (Test)


Thur., Oct. 16 McNally (pp. 198-201), Watson (pp. 202-204), Gesell (pp. 205-211)

Tues., Oct. 21 (fall break)

Thur., Oct. 23 Piaget (pp. 212-221), Harlow (pp. 222-228), Gibson &

Walk (pp. 229-236)


Tues., Oct. 28 Bandura (pp. 237-246), Thomas, Chess, & Birch (pp. 247-254)

Thur., Oct. 30 Freud (pp. 255-269), Jung (pp. 270-289)

Tues., Nov. 4 Maslow (pp. 290-303), Clay (pp. 304-305)

Social Psychology

Thur., Nov. 6 Costa & McCrae (pp. 306-318)

Tues., Nov. 11 Darley & LatanJ (pp. 319-327)

Thur., Nov. 13 Levine et al. (pp. 328-341), Sternberg (pp. 3-5), Milgram (pp. 342-end)

Student Reports

Tues., Nov. 18 Student reports

Thur., Nov. 20 Student reports

Tues., Nov. 25 Student reports

Thur., Nov. 27 (Thanksgiving)

Tues., Dec. 2 Student reports

Thurs., Dec. 4 Student reports


If class should be canceled on a day when we have a reading assignment and a test, we will stick to the printed schedule and move on to the next assignment and next test when the class reconvenes on the next scheduled class day. In other words, we will stick to the schedule printed here. Major time out for a hurricane or the like may necessitate revising the schedule.


Final Exam

The final exam will be a take-home exam worth 30 points. It will be due in my office no later than 11:00 AM on Saturday, December 13. Complete instructions for the exam will be handed out well before the end of classes. It will cover readings and class notes from both lectures and student reports.

Record of Grades

Points on Test 1 _____

Points on Test 2 _____

Points on Test 3 _____

Points on Test 4 _____

Points on Test 5 _____

Points on Test 6 _____

Points on Test 7 _____

Points on Test 8 _____

Points on Test 9 _____

Points on Test 10 _____

Points on Test 11 _____

Points on Test 12 _____

Points on Test 13 _____

Points on Test 14 _____

Points on Test 15 _____

Points on Test 16 _____

Points on Test 17 _____

Points on Test 18 _____

Points on Test 19 _____

Points on Test 20 _____

Points on Test 21 _____

Points on Test 22 _____ Total points on top 20 tests: _______

Points on class report: _______

Points on final exam: _______

Subtotal: _______

Subtract any points lost for leaving class early: _______

Grand Total: _______

Final grade in course will be based on grand total, as follows:

234 - 250 = A

217 - 233 = B+

200 - 216 = B

183 - 199 = C+

166 - 182 = C

149 - 165 = D

0 - 148 = F