Psychology 311: Developmental Psychology, Spring, 2004

Dr. Faye Steuer Office: 55 Coming St. (just inside 1st door on porch)

Phone: 953-8196 Email:

Required Reading Materials

1) Sigelman, C. K., & Rider, E. A. (2003). Life-Span Human Development (4th ed.). Pacific Grove, CA:


2) Packet of materials available at SAS-E Ink, 79 Wentworth St., across from Andolini's Pizza

Recommended Reading Materials

1) Rider, E. (2003). Study Guide for Sigelman's Life-Span Human Development (4th ed.). Pacific Grove, CA:


2) Nguyen, K. (2001). The unwanted: A memoir of childhood. Boston: Back Bay Books.

General Statement About the Course

In this course, we will study psychological development from conception through old age and dying. I think you will find that looking at psychological issues "developmentally"--that is, as they unfold during the lifetime of an individual--is inherently fascinating. The only drawback from the student's point of view is that virtually all the topics psychologists have studied can be looked at developmentally. This means that there is a tremendous body of scientific literature that makes up developmental psychology. Even though this course represents just a beginning look at this body of literature, there is a lot of material to cover. I hope you will find the hard work necessary to get a good introduction to the field worth the effort it will take.


The prerequisite for this course is Psychology 103 (Intro Psych) or its equivalent. If you have already taken another developmental psychology course, you can not get credit for this course.

Grading System

Your grade in this course will be based on the following information:

five 75-point tests, each of which covers assigned reading in the text, articles in the SAS-E Ink packet, and class notes;

a 50-point cumulative final exam


Your final grade will be based on the total number of points you accumulate, as follows:

397 - 425 = A

368 - 396 = B+

339 - 367 = B

310 - 338 = C+

281 - 309 = C

252 - 280 = D

0 - 251 = F

If You Have to Miss an Exam

Make-up exams for all five of the tests given prior to the final exam will take place on the last day of classes, Wednesday, April 28. This is the only time that make-up exams will be given. All the make-up exams will be essay exams.

Attendance Policy

The lectures, discussions, and videos we have in class are important parts of this course. You are expected to attend every class. Attendance will be taken regularly. I feel justified in using excellent attendance records to adjust borderline final grades upward. I also feel justified in adjusting final grades downward for those who have poor attendance records. Please be aware that missing more than three classes is grounds for awarding a grade of "WA" (withdrawn for excessive absences) which is equivalent to an "F."

Reading &

A defining characteristic of an educated person is the ability to acquire new knowledge independently. Most often this is accomplished through reading. For this reason, I stress reading independently in all the classes I teach. In order to get a decent grade in this course it will be essential for you to do the reading independently, thoroughly, and on time.

Reading is a skill. The more you learn how to do it properly and practice it, the better you get at it. If you feel you are not as skilled a reader as you would like to be, talk with me. I have some suggestions that may help you.

Office Hours

Mon. & Wed., 11:00 AM - noon; Tues. & Thurs., 2:00 - 3:00 PM; or by appointment.

Schedule of Assignments and Tests

Assignment or Test
Wed., January 14
Fri., January 16 Text, Ch. 1: Understanding Life-Span Human Development
(Mon., January 19)
(********Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday********)
Wed., January 21 Text, Ch. 2: Theories of Human Development
Fri., January 23
Mon., January 26 Text, Ch. 3: Genes, Environment, and Development
Wed., January 28 SAS-E Ink packet: p. 1 - 6
Fri., January 30
Mon., February 2 Test 1: Chs. 1, 2, 3 + SAS-E Ink assignment + class notes
Wed., February 4 Text, Ch. 4: Prenatal Development and Birth
Fri., February 6
Mon., February 9 Text, Ch. 5: The Physical Self
Wed., February 11
Fri., February 13 Text, Ch. 6: Perception
Mon., February 16 SAS-E Ink packet: pp. 7 - 14
Wed., February 18
Fri., February 20 Test 2: Chs. 4, 5, 6 + SAS-E Ink assignment + class notes
Mon., February 23 Text, Ch. 7: Cognition
Wed., February 25

(Feb. 25 is last day to with-draw w/ a grade of "w")

Fri., February 27 Text, Ch. 8: Memory and Information Processing
Mon., March 1
Assignment or Test
Wed., March 3 Text, Ch. 10: Language and Education
Fri., March 5 SAS-E Ink packet: pp. 15 - 20
(Mon.,Mar. 8 - Fri., Mar. 12)
(************Spring Break************)
Mon., March 15
Wed., March 17 Test 3: Chs. 7, 8, 10 + SAS-E Ink assignment + class notes
Fri., March 19 Text, Ch. 11: Self and Personality
Mon., March 22 Optional Extra Credit Test
Wed., March 24 Text, Ch. 12: Gender Roles and Sexuality
Fri., March 26
Mon., March 29 Text, Ch. 13: Social Cognition and Moral Development
Wed., March 31 SAS-E Ink packet: pp. 21 - 30
Fri., April 2
Mon., April 5 Test 4: Chs. 11, 12, 13 + SAS-E Ink assignment + class notes
Wed., April 7
Fri., April 9 Text, Ch. 14: Attachment and Social Relationships
Mon., April 12 Text, Ch. 15: The Family
Wed., April 14
Fri., April 16 Text, Ch. 17: The Final Challenge: Death and Dying
Mon., April 19 SAS-E Ink packet: pp. 31 - 34
Wed., April 21
Fri., April 23 Test 5: Chs. 14, 15, 17 + SAS-E Ink assignment + class notes
Mon., April 26
Wed., April 28 MAKE-UP EXAMS (If you have no test to make up you do

not need to attend class today.)

(If for any reason, class should be canceled on the day of a scheduled test, that test will automatically be given the next time the class meets. Otherwise, tests will always be given as scheduled.)

Final Exam

Write the day, date, and time of your final exam here:


Record of Grades

Score on Test 1 _____

Score on Test 2 _____ Cumulative total _____

Score on Test 3 _____ Cumulative total _____

Score on Test 4 _____ Cumulative total _____

Score on Test 5 _____ Cumulative total _____

Extra credit _____ Cumulative total _____

Score on Final _____ GRAND TOTAL _______

Final grade will be based on your grand total, as follows:

397 - 425 = A

368 - 396 = B+

339 - 367 = B

310 - 338 = C+

281 - 309 = C

252 - 280 = D

0 - 251 = F